Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Skreamz mix

If you can't download it from Martin's blog, use this link.

Youngsta interview

Yes, yes, yes!
I found it! i finally found it!
Youngsta sayz: "...and D1 would be a tune called Molecules. It's bad, and hardly anyone's heard it yet."
That's the name of D1 tune I was looking for - Molecules! I love it!

Read whole interview with Youngsta by Infinite!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005



Slaughter Mob - Stopper [Destructive 001]
Slaughter Mob vs.Search & Destroy - Zombie [Soul Ja 008]
Vex'D - Pop pop VIP [Planet Mu 115LP]
Mark One - Hear this [Rephlex 156LP]
Dj Marsta - Flames [A.R.M.Y. Bullet 001]
N-Type - Tibetian shadow [Southside Dubstars 003]
Slaughter Mob - Guts n'bones [Hotflush 005]
Dubchild - Walk & live [Storming Productions 002]
Dubchild - Take me [Storming Productions 004]
Toasty - Take it personal [Hotflush 009]
Toasty - Too hot [Storming Productions 003]
Dubchild - Psychopath [Storming Productions 004]
Vex'D - Gunman [Planet Mu 112]
Search & Destroy - Brain teaser [Texture 008]
Dj Distance - 1 on 1 [Hotflush 008]
Search & Destroy - Secret weapon [Destructive 001]
Vex'D - Lion VIP [Planet Mu 115LP]
Dj Distance - Empire [Hotflush 008]
Dj Distance - Replicant [Boka 001]
Dj Distance - Drop 1 [Lix Corruptions 006]
Re-Animator - Return to E (Horsepower Productions mix) [Vertical Drop 003]
Blowfelt feat.Slarta John - Back up, back up (Mr.Shabz vocal) [Wordplay 035]


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vex'd interview



1.Singing in the rain (intro)
2.Vex’d – Crusher Dub
3.Supa Stylist – The Culture Anthem
4.Geeneus – Congo
5.Skream – Ain’t it Cold
6.Toasty Boy – Guesswork
7.DJ Distance – Breathing Space
8.Digital Mystikz – B
9.Slaughter Mob – Stopper
10.Eric H – The Lights
11.DJ Distance – The Ritual
12.Kode 9 - Ping
13.Burial – South London Boroughs
14.Kode 9 – Sub Kontinent
15.Kode 9 & Daddy Gee – Babylon (Dub mix)
16.Toasty Boy – Dibble
17.Gutter – Shiverz


Saturday, August 27, 2005

RinseFM sets


Skream interview and mix!!!

nuff said.

BIG up Martin for this!

Thursday, August 25, 2005



Search and Destroy : Koan (Dub)
Search and Destroy vs Toasty Boy : As 1 (Dub)
DJ Distance : Vicious Circle(Dub)
Toasty Boy : Dibble (Destructive)
Oris J : Nocturnal : (Texture)
Lombardo vs Boogyman : Disturbed (Vehicle)
Search and Destroy : Espionage (Destructive)
Toasty Boy : Guesswork (Storming)
Search and Destroy : Positive (Dub)
Slaughter Mob : Fever (Halo Beats)
Skream : Angry (Ital)
Skream : Affekz
Search and Destroy : Vulcan Grip (Dub)
DJ Distance : Traffic (Dub)
Vex'd : Lion V.I.P (Planet Mu)
Toasty Boy : Take it Personal (Hotflush)
DJ Distance : 1 on 1 (Hotflush)
Elemental + 3D: Kaotic (dub)
Search and Destroy : Killamanjaro (Destructive)
Search and Destroy : Detox (Dub)
Vex'd : Function (Drum + Breaks)
Boogeyman : Nasty
Search and Destroy : Secret Weapon (Destructive)
DJ Distance : Empire V.I.P (Hotflush)
Unknown White.
DJ Distance : Tuning (Dub)
S+D : Koan (Dub)
Dubchild : Psychopath (Storming)
Oris J : Rasing Kane (Passenger)
Elemental : Deep Under (Dub)


Big up Blacklay for this!



Plasticman featuring Shizzle, Fresh, Napper - Cha Vocal (Terrorhythm Recordings)
Plasticman - Cha (Benga Remix) (Terrorhythm Recordings)
Chase & Status featuring Roll Deep - Top Shotta (Dub)
Macabre Unit - Killer Bee (Dub)
Emalkay - Gut Feeling (Dub)
Wiley - Merkle Instrumental (White)
Wiler - Colder Remix (White)
Dexplicit - Bullacake (Dub)
Plasticman - Cha VIP (Terrorhythm Recordings)
Plasticman - Brassbeat (Dub)
M.I.A. - U.R.A.Q.T. (Plasticman Remix Instrumental) (XL Recordings)
Karnak - Flutes (Dub)
Unknown - The Low Riddim (Dub)
JME - Low Baraka (Dub)
Chunky Bizzle - Diss Me Like Dat (Dub)
Caspa - Home Sick (Storming Productions)
Wonder - Undertaker (Dub)
Wonder - It's All (Dub)
Plasticman - The Jackal Riddim (Dub)
Plasticman - Still Tippin Remix (Dub)
Plasticman - Export (Dub)
Wiley - Untitled (Dub)
Slew Dem - Grime (Slew Dem Productions)
Dreama - Stigma (Dub)
JME - Earth's Core (Dub)
Plasticman - Symptomatic (Dub)
Virus Syndicate - Slow Down (Plasticman Remix) (Dub)
Plasticman - A Walk In The Carpark (Dub)


+ Hatcha_Practice_Hours-June05 changed server. This is new link.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Hope you are checking Drumzofthesouth blog regulary, cos if you're not, you're missing big thing.

Watch this post!



Mark One feat.JSD - Stand up [Planet Mu 112LP]
Virus Syndicate - Girls [Planet Mu 120LP]
Mark One - Random [Southside 056]
N-Type - Square off [Southside Dubstars 003]
Flatline - Auto [Destructive - DST001]
Dj Marsta - Outback [A.R.M.Y. Bullet 001]
Toasty - Angel [Hotflush 009]
Appleblim - I am animal [Skull Disco 001]
Dj Distance - Shiverz [Lix Corruptions 006]
N-Type - Tibetian shadow [Southside Dubstars 003]
Scuba - Timba [Scuba 001]
Digital Mystikz - Mood dub [DMZ004]
Scuba - Sleepa [Scuba 001]
Dj Distance - Dark crystal [Boka 001]
D1 - Belong [SoulJa 008]
Shackleton - Language at the beasts [Promo]
Shackleton - Mystical warrior [Skull Disco 001]
Shackleton - Limb [Promo]
Toasty Boy - Like sun [Hotflush - HF006]
Moving Ninja - Stone age [Promo]
Plasticman - Zulu remix [Southside Dubstars 004]
Incredible Melting Man vs.Scissorkicks feat.D-Red -
Funky Plaid Coat 2002 (Scissorkicks remix) [2Wars 013]
Vex'D - Crusher dub [Planet Mu 115LP]


Sunday, August 21, 2005



Big up Sumone for recording.



Flatline: The Beginning (dub)
Search and Destroy: Wavescape (Storming Productions)
Toasty Boy: Angel (Hotflush Recordings)
Scarecrow: Taken (dub)
Toasty Boy: Guesswork (Storming Productions)
Search and Destroy: Espionage (Destructive)
Toasty Boy: Full Clip (dub)
Elemental: Soul Fire (Destructive)
H.O.D: The Cleaner (Urban Graffitti)
Toasty Boy: Dibble (Destructive)
DJ Distance: Replicant (Boka)
Unknown: Untitled White Label
Scandalous Unlimited: The Dark Horse (dub)
Search and Destroy: Killamanjaro (Destructive 002)
Toasty Boy vs Search and Destroy: As One (prototype dub)
Scarecrow: Snakes and Ladders (Pitch Black)
DJ Distance: Empire V.I.P (Hotflush Recordings)
Vex’d: Lion V.I.P (Planet Mu)
Search and Destroy: Detox (dub)
Search and Destroy: Secret Weapon V.I.P (Destructive)
Dubchild: Psychopath (Storming Productions)
Vex’d: Gunman: (Planet Mu)
Scandalous Unlimited: Too Loud (dub)
Morph: Skydive (Music Box)
Oris J: Bigger Times (dub)
Toasty Boy: Reflect (dub)
Toasty Boy: Live Life, Feel it (dub)
Search and Destroy: Moonlight (dub)


Big up Lohan and Prior for this one!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

DMZ 005


Finally!!! Long-awaited Neverland is released!

Out September 1st.



1. Skream - I (Loefah remix)
2. D1 - Crack Bong (Loefah's remix)
3. Skream - Rotten
4. Skream - Monsoon (Loefah's remix)
5. Loefah - Unknown
6. D1 - Identify
7. D1 - Molecules
8. Skream - Request Line


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

N-Type@RinseFM-13.08.05. - new

Blacklay record it directly from radio - less buzzing.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Big up Deep Thought for this!


As you can see there are not so many new RinseFM sets any more because Rinse internet stream is not working lately. The only source for Rinse sets now is Rinse radio signal, which can be heard only in London, so now we depend on Londoners only.
But future is not so black, because i heard that Blacklay has his tools ready to record N-Type tonight!

Interesting thing is that this set is not recorded by any Londoner but by Deep Thought, who recorded it while he was on his trip to London. Large!


Thursday, August 11, 2005

J Da Flex appreciation

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

DST - Shooby Dubby v.4.4


01.Loefah - Bombay squad (Rephlex)
02.Benny Ill & Dj Dinesh - London (Tempa)
03.Kode 9 - Sub-kontinent (Rephlex)
04.Deep Alpha - All think (Kode 9's Alphadub)
05.Digital Mystikz - CR7 chamber (Rephlex)
06.Benga - Walkin' bass (Big Apple)
07.Benga - Amber (Big Apple)
08.Digital Mystikz - Pathways (Big Apple)
09.Mark One - Rage (Vehicle)
10.Loefah - Life dub (Big Apple)
11.Dj Hatcha - Conga therapy (Tempa)
12.Horsepower Productions - Log on (Dub) (Tempa)
13.Dub war - Generation (Tempa)
14.Kode 9 - Swarm (Rephlex)
15.Horsepower Productions - Voodoo spell (Tempa)
16.The Slaughter Mob vs.Search & Destroy - Zombie
17.Horsepower Productions - HDN (Tempa)
18.The Slaughter Mob vs.Search & Destroy - Dub weapon
19.Horsepower Productions - Triple7 (Tempa)
20.Horsepower Productions - Special 131 (Tempa)
21.Benny Ill & Dj Hatcha - Stand clear (Tempa)
22.Madlinsky & J.T. - The fog (Stealth People)


DST: Dubstep Back in time pt.1. - Tribute to Tempa


Benny Ill v. Dj Hatcha - Highland spring [A1.008]
Horsepower Productions - Vigilante [AA.003]
Horsepower Productions - To the beat y'all (original
mix) [AA.005]
Horsepower Productions - Gorgon sound [A.002]
Dub war - Generation [AA.004]
Horsepower Productions - Log on (Dub) [A2.LP001]
Benny Ill & Code9 - Tales from the bass side [AA.007]
Horsepower Productions - The swindle [A.006]
Horsepower Productions - What we do rmx [A.003]
Dj Abstract - Touch [A1.009]
Horsepower Productions - Smokin' (PC edit) [A.006]
Horsepower Productions - When you hold me [A.001]
Horsepower Productions - HDN [B2.LP001]
Horsepower Productions - Voodoo spell [2A.LP003]
D1 - Crack bang [D1.012]
Horsepower Productions - Synbad [1B.LP003]
Loefah - Truly dread [D2.012]
Horsepower Productions - Marseilles connection
TGS - On tha run (Horsepower Productions remix)
Dj Hatcha - Conga therapy [B2.011]


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dubstep Allstars Vol 2 - Mixed by DJ Youngsta (Tempa)

Skream - Untitled
Digital Mystikz - Ancient Memories
Loefah & Skream - 28 Grams
Loefah - Midnight
Skream - Request Line
D1 - Crack Bong (Loefah Remix)
Skream - I
Loefah - Goat Stare
Skream - Monsoon (Loefah Remix)
D1 - Higher State
Loefah - Root
D1 - I Believe
Digital Mystikz - Neverland

Release date 22.08.2005.


Youngsta presents second generation of Dubstep just the way i like it. A few interesting discussions came out on this topic. On forum people said that they want these tunes for themselves and that they want more dubstep releases, and some didn't like the fact that they are only 4 artists presented in the mix (although i don't have nothing against it because i really like these 4 artists the most). And there is a Dubstep VS Grime war on RinseFM forum.

Big up Infinite for the photo!

Dubstep article

Documentary: The New Step (07.07.03.)

I tried to found this documentary that i heard two years ago.. And I found it!
It describes the beginings of dubstep while it was all underground garage.
Very interesting!
Listen to the documentary

Monday, August 08, 2005


Check the first part of this set and some other dubstep sets on


"On tonight's show we're continuing our 1 Xtra Peel Showcase with J Da Flex. Jay is the DJ arm of the Ghost Crew, pioneers of futuristic dark underground sound. Jay started collecting Garage music in 1996 and managed to blag his first set at One Night Stand by saying he'd played up North! He no longer has to blag DJ sets being one of the most sought after garage DJs he's played in Ibiza, Paris, New York, Switzerland, Germany, Baltimore and even in Estonia. He regularly DJs at the now legendary FWD> garage night at London's Plastic People in Curtain Road.

He has his own label Southwest which is promising to release some 'heavyweight' collaborations! We are rubbing our hands in anticipation!

Accompanying Jay on tonight's session is MC Crazy D."


some pictures

Thanks Yardie!



1. Coki - Mood Dub
2. Plasticman - Aquariddim
3. Digital Mystikz - Horrorshow (tease)
4. Digital Mystikz - Twisup
5. DJ Distance - Empire
6. DJ Distance - Shiverz
7. Search & Destroy - Brain Teaser
8. Vex’d - Pop Pop
9. Search & Destroy - Mindscape
10. Toasty Boy - The Knowledge
11. Toasty Boy - Too Hot
12. DJ Distance - 1 on 1
13. Search & Destroy - Desperate Measures
14. Search & Destroy - Secret Weapon
15. Vex’d - Gunman
16. Toasty Boy - Like Sun
17. Coki - Officer



Saturday, August 06, 2005

Guttermix 050805


D1 - Belong (Soulja)
Mark One - Plodder (Contagious)
Plasticman - Section 7 (Southside Dubstars)
DJ Q - Rider (Southside)
Macabre Unit - Crusher (B-Line)
Big $hot - Stomp Final Chapter (Southside)
Macabre Unit - Tensor Jam (Terrorhythm)
2nd II None - Stomp-Jigga (ARMY)
N-Type - Square Off (Southside Dubstars)
Appleblim - Mystical Warrior (Skull Disco)
Mark One - ???? (Southside)
Dubchild - Psychopath (Storming)


Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Month in Grime/Dubstep

Out to Martin Clark for supplying us with very interesting dubstep news every month.

Spot Skream on the picture. I love it!

Brazilian Grime

Looks like the virus is spreading in Brazil too.
They started a Grime night in Sao Paolo and produced some brazilian grime.

More info at Bruno Belluomini's blog.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Gutterbreakz FM



Glen Brown & King Tubby - Version 78 Style (Blood & Fire)
Burial - Nite Train (Hyperdub)
Mark One - Bad Mood (Soulja)
Barry Lynn - Grub - Half-Step Mix (MP3 dub)
N-Type - Square Off (Southside Dubstars)
SLT Mob - Guts 'n' Bones (Hot Flush)
Flatline - Auto (Destructive)
Big Shot - Nuclear Waste (Southside)
DMX Krew - The Monsignor (Rephlex)
Chontaduro - Cientosesenta 8 (MP3 dub)
Baddie - Lazor Gun Dub (MP3 Dub)

more info



Go West - We Close Our Eyes (Chrysalis)
Vex'd - Cold (Planet Mu)
K-Punk & Friends - London Under London - extract (cd-r)
Gutterbreakz - Bickle Skank (MP3 dub)
Plasticman - Section 7 (Southside Dubstars)
N-Type - Tibetan Shadow (Southside Dubstars)
Shackleton - I Am Animal (Skull Disco)
Macuso - One Mudda (MP3 dub)
DJ Pinch - Nightmare Prt.1 (cd-r dub)
Coki - Mood Dub (DMZ)
Toasty - Take It Personal (Hot Flush)
Distance - Empire (Hot Flush)
Hell Science Dept. - Predator (MP3 Dub)
Anonymous - Grim Dubs Vol.4 side A (Werk)
Forensics - Gunshot (cd-r dub)
Chase (US) - Slowlow Bounce (MP3 dub)

more info


Grime, dubstep, breakstep mix from DST, Budapest.


Vex'D - Fire [Planet Mu 115LP]
Vex'D - Venus [Planet Mu 115LP]
2nd II None - Stomp-jigga [A.R.M.Y.005]
Vex'D - Angels [Planet Mu 115LP]
Moving Ninja - Alien [Promo]
Vex'D - Corridor [Planet Mu 115LP]
Moving Ninja - Soma [Promo]
Plasticman - The search [Terrorrhytm 002]
Plasticman - Zulu remix [Southside Dubstars 004]
2nd II None - Big bass [A.R.M.Y.005]
DubSTers Laboratory - Boastin' track [unsigned]
Dj Distance - Nomad [Hotflush 002]
D1 - I believe [SoulJa 008]
Moving Ninja - Stone age [Promo]
D1 - Belong [SoulJa 008]
DMZ - Country man [Rephlex 160LP]
Skream - It ain't cold [Destructive 001]
D1 - Steam roller [SoulJa 008]
Vex'D - Lion VIP [Planet Mu 115LP]
Vex'D - Gunman [Planet Mu 112]
Toasty Boy - Guesswork [Storming 003]
October - Dub junglism (Vex'D rmx) [Z Audio 001]
? - ? (Vocal version) [Runnin 002]
Vex'D - Crusher dub [Planet Mu 115LP]