Wednesday, November 02, 2005


well, good old dubstep blog is back in biz!

thanks to Mr. thc, who provided us with webspace, mixes section is live again.
+ many mixes coming soon.

yeah, and one more thing crossed my mind.

ppl want more and more information and writings about dubstep and i don't have enough time and knowledge to write everything by myself.

so i decided to invite you to build the dubstep info spot.

what's the idea?

if you want to see more info on blog - write it yourself. post a tracklist, put a flyer for your night, announce a radio show or release, post a link on mix, comment a tune or night etc.

it is a dubstep blog, not dubway's blog.

i'll make a dubstep blog account for you so that can log in and publish your articles.

it could be something like dubstep database but also a kind of online magazine.. it's all up to you..

if you want to participate just email me on


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