Saturday, November 05, 2005

Like Buses in Brighton (UK)

Here's the lowdown on what's happening in Brighton. Which until recently has been very little. Recent weeks/months have seen an influx of Grime headliners at some of the bigger clubs with Dizzy, RollDeep and Lady Sov all making appearance. Dubstep has been on slow simmer this summer with local record shops gradually increasing the range of labels stocked. Finally some nights have appeared and like buses at the exact same time. With Dubpressure serving up Plasticman & Distance and JuJu invoking Digital Mystiks and Sgt Pokes on the 23rd & 24th Nov respectivly. So it's a two day dubfest this month. More info on both events can be found on the dubstep forum calender. Also if you're in Brighton and you buy dubstep records, get down to Hedonizm (Trafalger Street) as some Big Apple 12"s appeared there the other day,but I don't think they'll be there long.


KION said...

Good to see things bubbling up down here..

3:18 PM  
alex bkbk said...

YE !!
Here's the dubpressure flyer

this will be heavy

9:39 PM  

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