Saturday, October 08, 2005



1 Forensics – Gang Land (Dub)
2 Forensics – Blunt Instrument (Dub)
3 Forsaken – Fragile Mind (Dub)
4 Search & Destroy – Angel (Hot Flush)
5 DJ Distance – 3rd Wish (Hot Flush)
6 Slaughter Mob – Tinji (Boka)
7 Search & Destroy – Candyfloss (Hot Flush)
8 Sound Proof Productions – 3 Degrees (Boka)
9 DJ Distance – Nomad (Hot Flush)
10 Professor J-S – Militia (Boka)
11 Flatline – Auto (Destructive)
12 Digital Mystikz – Mawo Dub (Big Apple)
13 Digital Mystikz – Give Jah Glory (Tempa)
14 DJ Distance – Saints N Sinners (Boka)




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