Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Big Apple is alive!?

well, physical store is dead, but internet shop is not!
i was searching for some old dubstep / garage titles and i was happy like a little child when i found out that i can still buy them in legendary Big Apple!
i was a bit afraid if it is really working, but still i give it a try - and there was no problem. i ordered 11 records and they came very fast and in good condition.

if you are looking for some dubstep releases you can also try in these internet shops:
Warpmart, Black Market Records, Chemical Records, Boomkat, dSWAT, Juno Records, Dubplate, UKRecordShop, Hard To Find Records, Independance Records, Mixing Records, Forced Exposure, Addictech, Uptown Records, Rhythm Division.

but i didn't found HYP 001 Kode9 - Sign Of The Dub.
please, tell me if you find it somewhere!


Blip said...

I bought my DMZ 001 at Rooted Records in Bristol, Cha at, but this one I am sure you checked already. Well, both were months ago, but who knows...

11:36 AM  
Borg said...

I might have one or two copies of DMZ 001 for you. I was distributing them for Mala here in wales.Gimmie a Holla

10:11 AM  

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