Saturday, September 03, 2005

Blocked forum is down, RinseFM internet stream is down - all my major links with hearth of dubstep are cut down.

But still, someone is taking care of you and me - Blacklay and Boomnoise recorded RinseFM via radio and sent them to me.


mala MALA mala MALA mala



Anonymous said...

hahaha. rinsefm is back to the classical music thing again. big up man!


10:00 PM  
dubway said...

what if forum never comes back?
what will happen to dubstep coumunity around the world?
where will all dubsteppas go then?
what will be a new meeting point?
how can we comunicate now?
are we lost without forum?

12:48 PM  
Anonymous said...

i am pretty sure dubplate will be back, and regulars will be smart enough to look here for info...was a little

5:15 PM  
2krazy said...

cant we setup a forum at your space ?, or maybe i could get some space anywhere else to setup a forum as it isnt difficult to setup a free forum software like phpbb.

would be just up to the people to register and fill it with live again.

I have kinda feel that will not return that fast anymore, especially not the forum 8(.

6:12 PM  
dubway said...

no man.. that's not what i wanted to say..
what i want to say is: forum is an institution!
you can't build a new dubplate, you know.. because of many reasons (but that's a long story.. and probably some other people would tell that story better than me :)

hopefully, dubplate site and forum will come back "very soon".. and till then, feel free to use this space to share news and oppinions

1:17 AM  
adruu said...

a little Odd that the dubplate crew just cut off the forum without warning, but I thought there would be some fresh fixes on here and I am not dissappointed!

Got to shout out to Joe "The Crooner" Nice on that
Mala.K9 set...

1:38 AM  
Anonymous said...

just heard the kode9 extravaganza, big big shouts to the ambassador of luther van!!!! have a good time joe, and see you soon!!!! big up to mala and k9. horrible horrible!!!


3:39 AM  

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