Sunday, August 21, 2005



Flatline: The Beginning (dub)
Search and Destroy: Wavescape (Storming Productions)
Toasty Boy: Angel (Hotflush Recordings)
Scarecrow: Taken (dub)
Toasty Boy: Guesswork (Storming Productions)
Search and Destroy: Espionage (Destructive)
Toasty Boy: Full Clip (dub)
Elemental: Soul Fire (Destructive)
H.O.D: The Cleaner (Urban Graffitti)
Toasty Boy: Dibble (Destructive)
DJ Distance: Replicant (Boka)
Unknown: Untitled White Label
Scandalous Unlimited: The Dark Horse (dub)
Search and Destroy: Killamanjaro (Destructive 002)
Toasty Boy vs Search and Destroy: As One (prototype dub)
Scarecrow: Snakes and Ladders (Pitch Black)
DJ Distance: Empire V.I.P (Hotflush Recordings)
Vex’d: Lion V.I.P (Planet Mu)
Search and Destroy: Detox (dub)
Search and Destroy: Secret Weapon V.I.P (Destructive)
Dubchild: Psychopath (Storming Productions)
Vex’d: Gunman: (Planet Mu)
Scandalous Unlimited: Too Loud (dub)
Morph: Skydive (Music Box)
Oris J: Bigger Times (dub)
Toasty Boy: Reflect (dub)
Toasty Boy: Live Life, Feel it (dub)
Search and Destroy: Moonlight (dub)


Big up Lohan and Prior for this one!


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