Thursday, August 11, 2005

J Da Flex appreciation


craze said...

can someone add the tracklists please

4:32 PM  
Ali said...

J Da 08/03/05

Search & Destroy - Secret Weapon (White)
Deep Impact vs Control Z - Informer (White Label)
DJ Hype - Tuff Enough (True Playaz)
Search & Destroy - Foodchain (Texture)
Virus Syndicate - Hold It Down (Planet Mu)
23 Hertz - Murat (White Label)
Pablo Beats - Drama Drama (White Label)
Mark One - Stargate 2002 (remix)
Darkquan - Raising.. (Texture 7)
Search & Destroy - Mark Of The Beast (White Label)
Dubchild - Untitled (White Label)
Toasty Boy - Too Hot (Stormin Productions)
Benga - Skank (CDR - Dub)
Artist Unknown - Title Unknown
FUKT - Play With Fire (Recorded live - exclusive!)
Daluq - Waterfalls (White Label)
PhilAsher - Namib It Aint
EricH - The Lights (DJ Joseph remix)(Hot Flush)
EricH - The Lights (Eric H remix) (Hot Flush)
MarkForce - Gippo (Bitter Sweet)
Blakai ft Rase Ana & IG - Calle (Domu remix) (White Label)
Maddslinky ft JennaG - Something Extra (Askew Recordings)
Lady Sovereign - Get Random (remix) (Dub)
Tubby T - Ready She Ready (Seiji remix) (51st State)
Blakai ft Bembe Segue - Afrospace (Schtum)
Rockstone - Soon Come (Bugz remix)


J Da Tracks 01/02/05

Rakim Vs IG – Rhythm (Dub)
Phil Asher – Nambi It Ain’t (Dub)
Lady Sovereign – Ching Ching (Landslide Remix)
Rebutz – Don’t Go (NDV Mix)
Zhane – Hey DJ (Remix)
Calinda – Marathon Man (Dub)
Hexstatic – Salvador (Ninja Tune)
Futuristic – Feel It Out (Hopsital)
G Force and Kaidi Tatham ft Rosanna and IG Culture – Blackai (White)
Daz I Kue – Another Way (Funk Of Fury)
Basement Jaxx – Oh My Gosh (Bugz In The Attic Remix) (XL)
Unknown – Stealth People – (White)

****J Da Flex in the mix****

Screamz - Untitled (Dub)
Plastic Man – Pump Up The Jam (Dub)
Toasty Boy – Spalsh (Dub)
Benga – Dawn Of Awakening (Dub)
Search And Destroy - Cave Dweller (Combat WX)

Toasty Boy – Too Hot (Stormin Productions)
Virus – Slow Down (White)
Dubchild and LFO – New Era (White)
Vex'd – Gunman (Dub)
Search and Destroy – Mark Of The Beast (Combat WX)
Baobinga and Darqwan – Positive Vibes (White)
Eric H -The Lights (DJ Joseph Remix)



Dub Child - Take Me (White Label)
Search & Destroy - Secret Weapon (Destructive Recordings)
Vex'd - Pop Pop (White Label)
F U K T - Play With Fire (White Label)
Darqwan ft. Baobinga - Positive Vibes (CDR Dub)
Katana Crew - Future Funk Flava

Search & Destroy - Mark Of The Beast (Combat Wax)
Toasty Boy - Underground Knowledge (J Da Flex Special)
Deep Impact - I Love Music (Super Charged Promo)
Audio Bootys - Bang Bang (CDR Dub)
DJ Qwest & DJ Mutiny - Sound Check (Krafty Cuts)
Toasty Boy - Too Hot (Stormin Productions)
Oris J - Eyes Wide Red (CDR Dub)

Darqwan - Qauker Notes
Flatline - Auto (Our Sound EP)
Two Cities - Melt (Speechless EP)
D.Pagan - Variation 32 (Domu Mix) - (Voltage)
Aaron Jerome - Blue Lotus (CDR Dub)
Zapp Moma - Show Me The Way (Seiji Remix) - (White Label)

J Da Flex - 1Xtra Live - Co-Op Set

Amy Winehouse - In My Bed (Bugz In The Attic Remix) - (Simply Vinyl)
Cousin - This Ain't No Tom & Jerry (Bitter Sweet)
G Force & Bembe Segueway - Afro Space (White Label)
Unforseen - Tryin (The Landslide Remix)

____________End Of Set_________

Cecile - Buss Da Dance (IG Vs. Sunship) - (CDR Dub)
Sun Of Scientist - Solution (Dutty Church Remix) - (Main Squeeze)


There you goes. By the way Dubway, sent you some more links - give us a shout if you haven't got em, cos my email is shoddy!

8:03 PM  

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