Wednesday, August 10, 2005

DST: Dubstep Back in time pt.1. - Tribute to Tempa


Benny Ill v. Dj Hatcha - Highland spring [A1.008]
Horsepower Productions - Vigilante [AA.003]
Horsepower Productions - To the beat y'all (original
mix) [AA.005]
Horsepower Productions - Gorgon sound [A.002]
Dub war - Generation [AA.004]
Horsepower Productions - Log on (Dub) [A2.LP001]
Benny Ill & Code9 - Tales from the bass side [AA.007]
Horsepower Productions - The swindle [A.006]
Horsepower Productions - What we do rmx [A.003]
Dj Abstract - Touch [A1.009]
Horsepower Productions - Smokin' (PC edit) [A.006]
Horsepower Productions - When you hold me [A.001]
Horsepower Productions - HDN [B2.LP001]
Horsepower Productions - Voodoo spell [2A.LP003]
D1 - Crack bang [D1.012]
Horsepower Productions - Synbad [1B.LP003]
Loefah - Truly dread [D2.012]
Horsepower Productions - Marseilles connection
TGS - On tha run (Horsepower Productions remix)
Dj Hatcha - Conga therapy [B2.011]



yardie said...

Shiiit, link seems to be down...hmm, one of my fave labels. Too bad, hope it will appear again!!!

9:07 PM  
Tranquera said...

Ivan, can you fix this? Big up!

10:19 PM  
dubway said...

yeah, i spot the same problem myself when i put the link..
i asked DST and he doesn't know why the link is not working, but he said that he will fix it...

12:18 AM  
yardie said...

Thx, greetings!!!

6:01 AM  
yardie said...

Ivan, are there any news on this one ?

6:42 PM  
dubway said...


10:49 AM  
yardie said...

2 bad.

1:15 PM  
dubway said...

link works!

1:09 PM  
yardie said...

Whoweee!!! THX Ivan!!!!

4:33 PM  
dubway said...

i'm glad you spot it...
i was thinking of sending you a mail about this..

8:07 PM  
yardie said...

Hehe, nice one, thx anyway. Hope ya doing good mate! Greetings.

P.S.: so may good stuff in the mix...
but i can't make out the exact words reg. the spoken intro. i have to ask some hungarian friends i guess!?

6:32 AM  

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