Saturday, July 16, 2005

J Da Flex - Deuce

One early dubstep mix.

El - B. feat. Juiceman - (Dub)
J Da Flex - Pain (Dub)
Dub Child - Roll dat Shit (Fragile Beats)
Benga & Skream - Judgement (Big Apple)
Benga - Benga Beats Vol. 1 (White)
J Da Flex - Blind Faith (Dub)
Skream - Konga (Dub)
Vex'd - Lion (Dub)
London Electricity - Cum Dancing (Dub Child Remix) - (Hospital)
Geeneus - Journey (Oris Jay RMX) - (Motion)
Dub Child - Warning (Fragile Beats)
Shimano - Blues VIP (Dub)
Plasticman - Hard Graft (MarkOne Remix) - (Contagious) / MarkOne - Fight
Plasticman - Spring Roller (Fatale Attraction)
Oris Jay - Underground Remix (Hard Livin' 001)
MarkOne - The Bomb (Hard Livin' 002)
Daluq - Red Eye (Dub)
MarkOne - Rain dance (Soulja)
Oris Jay - Three Note (Hospital)
Slaughter Mob - L'amour (Dub)

J Da Flex - Deuce

big up yardie37 on this!


yardie37 said...

Shit. Blesses out to J da Flex, and thanks for so many good hours of music. His show is now pulled off 1Xtra, which is actually some kind of crying shame.

10:49 PM  
dubway said...


11:58 PM  
ghettobot said...

can anyone repost this?

7:29 AM  

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