Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dubstep mixes sets


elemental said...

Big up Dubway - spreading the virus!

8:27 PM  
Blackdown said...

good work dubway!

8:47 PM  
coxy said...

your effort is much appreciated... cheers.

1:17 PM  
dubway said...

tell me if you experience any problems with links...
i'll fix it

4:43 PM  
tetsu said...

thank you very much for sharing these sets.. you have been one of the best sources to find out what is happening in the dubstep sphere from here in tokyo..!

7:58 PM  
dubway said...

glad to hear that.
big up tokyo massive!

8:05 PM  
tetsu said...

yeh would be really good to get some dubsteppas here some time in the near future!

8:20 PM  
tetsu said...

i mean to invite the dubstep artists to play gigs here.. 'get some dubsteppas' sound somewhat misleading.
excuse me for my english.

8:29 PM  
tetsu said...

hello dubway..
is it possible to re-up Search&Destroyb2bQuiet Storm-One_Music_Session some time? would love to listen to it..
thanks as always..

6:29 AM  
dubway said...

i can't have so much sets on server in the same time...
when i put a new set online i have to delete one old set..

10:19 AM  
tetsu said...

yeah makes sense..
it was a bit of a selfish request. sorry...
thanks for the available sets!!

11:34 AM  
dubway said...

lots of new sets coming soon!
download this sets while you can

12:02 PM  

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