Saturday, July 16, 2005

Big Apple mixes

A few classic Dubstep mixes from Big Apple label:


I think i fixed problems with Hatcha's mix. Try this:
but when you download this one, change extension from .mp3 to .m4a

More Big Apple mixes soon.

Delivered by Mr Dubquixote.


GTTRBRKZ said...

thanks for these. you should put up Plasticman's Big Apple mix - it's still awesome!!!

9:58 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the Hatcha Download stops after 4,4 MB's...seems to be a corrupt file!? Nonetheless, the Benga mix is a screamer, thx for that!

10:09 AM  
GTTRBRKZ said...

I got the same problem with Hatcha mix. sort it Mr Dubway!

10:11 AM  
dubway said...

"you should put up Plasticman's Big Apple mix" - i don't have it.. if you have it yousendit to

11:50 AM  
dubway said...

"the Hatcha Download stops after 4,4 MB's...seems to be a corrupt file" - i'll try to fix it (but i can't promise nothing cos i'm on 56k MODEM for the next 3 weeks)

11:52 AM  
yardie37 said...

..working now, after download i've renamed and everything kool, thx!!!

And yeah, Plasticman's Big Apple mix would be a stunner...

3:49 PM  
trope said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:47 AM  
trope said...

thx for this site..great soundz inside! but -

not everyone uses m4as. is there another format avail.?

3:48 AM  
dubway said...

sorry, but i can't do nothing about it during next few weeks..
but i think that you can find a lot programs on the web that could help you..

3:22 PM  

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